Guilhem Viallet

Academic Project | Recherche et développement pour contribuer à la conception par fabrication additive d’un dispositif intra-auriculaire multifonctions: l'oreille «bionique»;

Academic Degree | Post-doc | 2015-03 - 2018-09

Meritas | - MITACS elevate postdoctoral fellowship for the research project: Research & Development to contribute to the conception by additive manufacturing of a multi-function intra-auricular device, the «bionic ear»; 2015-2017. - Ph.D thesis: Excellent grade, recommendation from the jury to participate in the ÉTS thesis award competition, 2015; - Eckel Student Prize in Noise Control, Canadian Acoustical Association, 2012; - Student presentation award, Direction of public health annual meeting of Montreal, 2012 - Internal scholarship from ÉTS, Montréal, 2012; - Travel grant, Acoustical society of America congress, San Diego, 2011; - Student presentation award, Canadian acoustical association congress in Quebec city, 2011; - Poster award (2nd prize), EREST-RRSSTQ, 2011 & 2012

Biography | Guilhem Viallet has been passionate about acoustics for more than ten years now. He is currently in charge of the questions relative to the development and conception of the «bionic ear» by additive manufacturing. This project is an industrial-academic partnership between the company eers and the research chair CRITIAS at ÉTS for which Guilhem obtained a MITACS Elevate fellowship. With a master’s degree in transport and environmental acoustics, from the University of Maine (LAUM, France), he acquired several professional experiences as acoustic consultant for the firms Tysseire & Associés (Toulouse, France) and Orféa (Brive, France). After an internship at the “Noise unit” of the health protection and environmental service of the city of Le Mans (France), he joined the ÉTS (Montreal) to continue with a Ph.D. in modeling of hearing protectors. The models developed during the project contributed to better understand the physics of the sound transmission problem through the earplug coupled to the auditory canal and to quantify the impact on the attenuation of the variation of the earplug’s material properties. Three scientific papers (1st author) and a dozen of proceedings (first or co-author) emerged from this research. At CRITIAS, he first pursued his research on hearing protection before moving to its actual project concerning the implementation of a 3D printing and a modulation facility to contribute to the conception of the «bionic ear».

Olivier Valentin

Academic Project | Mise au point d'une oreillette EEG

Academic Degree | Post-doc | 2016-05 - 2018-08

Meritas | - CIRMMT travel fund scholarship to go to the Acoustics Week in Canada at Guelph (2017) - Mitacs Elevate Postdoctoral Fellowship Award (2016) - Travel fund scholarship to go to the Acoustics Week in Canada at Halifax (2015) - Best Student Presentation Award at the Acoustics Week in Canada (2014) - Travel fund scholarship to go to the Acoustics Week in Canada at Winnipeg (2014) - ÉTS Internal Scholarship (2014) - Poster award EREST-AQHSST & AQHSST foundation (2013-2014) - Award for the second place at the local selection for the contest «your thesis in 180 seconds» (2013) - Poster award - contest during the forum for graduate research project (2013) - Poster award - scientific popularization contest during the annual conference of the Public Health Agency of Montreal (2013) - Poster award EREST-RRSSTQ (2012-2013) - Award for the EREST logo contest (2012) - Award for the first place at the local selection for the contest «your thesis in 180 seconds» (2012) - Poster award - scientific popularization contest during the annual conference of the Public Health Agency of Montreal (2012) - ÉTS Internal Scholarship (2012) - Poster award EREST-RRSSTQ (2011-2012) - Poster award - contest during the forum for graduate research project (2011) - Poster award EREST-RRSSTQ (2010-2011)

Biography | During his bachelor's and master's internships in the “Brain Dynamics and Cognition team” of the Lyon Neuroscience Research Center (France), Olivier figured out the consequences of noise on the human ear when hearing protection devices are missing or poorly adapted, in addition to gaining a deep knowledge on the various functional exploration techniques of the human ear. After receiving his Master’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering from Polytech Lyon (France), he chose the theme of hearing protection for his doctoral research. As an amateur musician, he is particularly aware of the advantages and disadvantages of individual ear protection, which needs to combine protection against noise levels while maintaining a listening comfort of relevant audio signals. His Ph.D. project, pursued at ÉTS (Montréal), was about the adaptation of electrophysiological responses to the quantification of earplugs’ attenuation and occlusion effect, as a way to overcome the limitations of current methods of measurement. Alongside to his PhD project, Olivier also conducted laboratories and practical workshops in Industrial Acoustics to raise awareness of Student engineers at Bachelor on problems related to occupational noise exposure. Graduating as a Doctor early 2016, Olivier is currently working as a research associate within the Industrial Research Chair in In-Ear Technologies (CRITIAS). His research interests include brain computer interfaces, EEG, and acoustics.

Rachel Bouserhal

Academic Project | In-Ear Microphone Technologies

Academic Degree | Post-doc | 2016-09 - 2018-09

Meritas | -Mitacs Elevate Postdoctoral Grant -CIRMMT Travel Award to participate in NHCA and ARO 2016 -ETS FIR Travel Award to participate in NHCA and ARO 2016 -Travel Fund scholarship from ETS to go to NHCA (2015-2016) -Travel Fund scholarship from ETS to go to NHCA (2014-2015) -CIRMMT Student Award Scholarship (2014) -Erasmus Mundus European Exchange (2014) -Travel Fund scholarship from ETS to go to NHCA (2013-2014) -Poster Award EREST (2013) -Internal Scholarship from ETS (2013)

Biography | Rachel is a passionate teacher, an inquisitive researcher, an adventurous cyclist and an ardent music lover. She completed her B.S in Electrical Engineering at Michigan State University, where she was heavily involved with Audio Enthusiasts and Engineers, a student group that promotes project based learning environments and holds weekly educational forums on all things related to audio. She continued on at MSU where she finished her Master’s in Electrical Engineering in December 2011 focusing on nonlinear control systems. She moved to Montreal in the beginning of 2012 to follow her research interests and experience the beautiful culture the city has to offer. In June 2016, she completed her PhD at École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS). During her PhD she developed a low-complexity in-ear speech enhancement algorithm and modeled the vocal effort of talkers wearing hearing protection devices. She spent 7 months in Copenhagen at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) working on the vocal effort modeling part of her project as a visiting PhD under the Erasmus Mundus Auditory Cognitive Network Grant. She is now on a postdoctoral fellowship under the Mitacs elevate program. Her project envisions a Radio Acoustical Virtual Environment where speech is captured from inside the ear, denoised and enhanced to be transmitted only to a specific radius of listeners. This distance will be a function of the speaker's vocal effort and background noise level. Her research interests are hearing protection, speech signal processing, speech perception, nonlinear control, and engineering education.

Juliette Seminaro

Academic Project | Mise au point d'un banc de mesure électro-acoustique pour fin de contrôle qualité de dispositifs intra-auriculaires

Academic Degree | Stagiaire (canadien) | 2018-01 - 2018-04

Julien Perradin

Academic Project | Mesure des performances electroacoustiques selon ANSI S12.71 d'une dispositif numérique intra-auriculaire

Academic Degree | Stagiaire (étranger) | 2018-04 - 2018-06

Antoine Bernier

Academic Project | Development of an active hearing protection device for musicians

Academic Degree | Doctorat | 2013-09 - 2019-08

Meritas | 2014 exchange grant from the office of international coordination of ÉTS for radiation outside Quebec of post-graduate research students. Doctorate grant from FQRNT. Mitacs accelerate grant, 2012 and 2011.

Biography | Antoine Bernier is a PhD candidate, passionate researcher and electrical engineer specialised in audio. His theoretical knowledge and practical mind have allowed him to make multiple tangible contributions to the world of hearing protection and audio in the form of prototypes, publications and a patent. His research work focuses on the development of an active musician earplug that integrates active noise control and allows the musician to play in loud environment safely while hearing himself and others naturally. This interesting project involves acoustics, psychoacoustics, signal processing, programming, electronics, embedded systems, 3D design and precision physical realisation skills.

Vincent Nadon

Academic Project | Développement d'une méthode et d'algorithmes pour la mesure combinée, sous un protecteur auditif, de la dose d'exposition au bruit ainsi que la fatigue auditive engendrée telle que mesurée au moyen des émissions oto-acoustiques.

Academic Degree | Doctorat | 2014-09 - 2018-04

Meritas | -CIRMMT travel award 2017-2018 -"Rayonnement de la recherche" grant for a conference, ÉTS HIV2017 -1st prize for ÉREST scientific poster contest, ÉTS HIV2017 -FIR-D grant for conference (BCI), ÉTS HIV2016 -2014: 1st Prize of Excellence for master thesis "Development of an otoacoustic emission measurement probe", École de technologie supérieure -2014-2017: IRSST Ph.D. Scholarship

Biography | After obtaining a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering in 2012 at the École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) in Montréal, Vincent was looking for challenges in a field close to his interests in music. That is when he approached Professor Jérémie Voix at ÉTS to start a Master degree in Electrical engineering, mostly working with Acoustics. When Vincent completed his Master in Applied Science in 2014, Jérémie Voix proposed to continue the research with a PhD, Vincent accepted the challenge. His research interests include acoustics, hearing conservation and signal processing.

Fabien Bonnet

Academic Project | Développement d'une méthode de mesure de l'exposition sonore effective intra-auriculaire pour une utilisation en milieu de travail

Academic Degree | Doctorat | 2015-01 - 2018-08

Meritas | -AWC15 Student Presentation Award from the Canadian Association of Acoustics (2015) -ÉTS Internal Scholarship (2016) -ÉTS Travel Fund Scholarships (2015, 2016, 2017) -Eckel Prize in Noise Control from the Canadian Association of Acoustics (2017) -AWC17 Student Presentation Award from the Canadian Association of Acoustics (2017) -CIRMMT travel award to participate in the 2018 NHCA Annual Conference

Biography | After receiving a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Technology of Compiègne (France, 2013), Fabien made a short stop in England where he worked as an Acoustics Consultant (URS Corporation, July 2013 - December 2014). Then his taste for Research caught up with him and brought him to Montreal where he still remains close to Acoustics, his true passion. As a PhD candidate, Fabien aims the development of an in-ear dosimetric method to help prevent noise-induced hearing loss in the work environment (IRSST- funded)

Gabrielle Crétot-Richert

Academic Project | Mesure intra-auriculaire de l'attention

Academic Degree | Doctorat | 2016-09 - 2019-12

Mikaël Ducharme

Academic Project | Conception d'un circuit conditionneur (analog front-end) pour transmission numérique sans-fil de signaux électroencéphalographiques intra-auriculaires

Academic Degree | Maîtrise | 2015-05 - 2017-08

Meritas | Desjardins Scholarship for gradute studies (2015) Extracurricular involvement scholarship in the Chinook science club (2014 and 2015) Scholarship for exchange students in France (2014) Research scholarship for the LASSENA research lab (2014) Desjardins Scholarship for undergradute studies (2011 and 2012)

Biography | In 2015, Mikaël Ducharme began a Masters with thesis in Electrical Engineering after completing his Bachelor of Electrical Engineering at ÉTS. As part of his work at CRITIAS, Mikaël is developing a mobile system for the conditioning and digitization of biomedical signals (EEG). He has many years of experience in embedded systems, RF and mixed-signal circuits design. Since 2011, he is involved in the science club Chinook, which develops a vehicle powered by the unique force of a headwind. Since 2013, Mikaël is captain of the club which holds several world champion titles and efficiency records. In 2014 and 2015, Mikaël studied for five months at the Phelma faculty of the Grenoble Institute of Technology in France. During his stay, Mikaël was able to specialize in analog microelectronics applied RF, and in design of mixed-signal systems.

Alex Guilbeault-Sauvé

Academic Project | Détection de situation d'homme-à-terre à l'aide d'une plateforme inertielle intra-auriculaire

Academic Degree | Maîtrise | 2016-04 - 2017-12

Meritas | IRSST Graduate Studies Scholarship in Occupational Health and Safety 2017-2018. First prize of the Jury for the project at the end of study diploma in Applied Physics Technology at Cégep André-Laurendeau.

Biography | Alex Guilbeault-Sauvé has completed his B.S. in Electrical Engineering with computer science specialization at École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) at Montreal. He acquired diversified experiences during his DEC in Applied Physics Technologies and his employment in the test engineering and software development fields at Averna Technologies inc. as R&D developer. He is actually involved in the Baja ÉTS science club and he is particularly interested in embedded systems.

Marcos Nogarolli

Academic Project | Developement of an in-ear noise dose measurement device

Academic Degree | Maîtrise | 2017-05 - 2018-12

Biography | Marcos Nogarolli is a senior Electronic Engineer, with 15+ years of experience working in the industry in his birth country and abroad. Marcos has an extensive knowledge of drafting and designing analog, digital signal processing and power electronics. Experience with multiple applications, thermal circuit simulation, signal integrity analysis, testing and maintenance in a manufacturing environment. His last important project was to develop from scratch a Gigabit Passive Optical Network Card (GPON) for use in telecommunications. After many years working on research and development he decided that it was time to challenge himself and return back to the school, to learn and also to provide his contributions to the academic environment, for an exciting Master project under the supervision of Professor Jérémie Voix.

Manon Paris

Academic Project | Cartographie de la sensibilité cutanée du conduit auditif humain

Academic Degree | Maîtrise | 2016-09 - 2018-08

Philippe Chabot

Academic Project | Classification de sons non-verbaux produit par l'humain

Academic Degree | Maîtrise | 2017-09 - 2019-04

Julia Levesque

Academic Project | Modelisation biomecanique de l'articulation temporo-mandibulaire à l'aide de Artisynth pour fin de micro-grapillage énergétique intra-auriculaire

Academic Degree | Maîtrise | 2019-04 - 2020-12

Hugo Ramarijaona

Academic Project | Design of a 3D ear simulator featuring bone conduction excitation

Academic Degree | Maîtrise | 2018-01 - 2018-08

Jacob Bouchard-Roy

Academic Project | Évaluation du potentiel énergétique lié à l'activité temporo-mandibulaire

Academic Degree | Maîtrise | 2018-01 - 2019-08